OAR Team

Who are we?

Ohio Anomalous Research began as Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network in 1996. O.P.I.N. was a paranormal investigation group based in northeast Ohio that was reborn many times over the years. The primary goal and motto was; "Educating the Public, One Person at a Time." In late 2011 the group formally disbanded and the Director (Brian D. Parsons, PhD) decided to reinvent the group using former cases, parapsychology, psychology, skeptical viewpoints, as well as other methodologies. Brian ultimately created the "E4" Method of client-centered ghost investigation. He conducted case studies with the help of a network of professionals from mid-2012 until late 2013 using the "E4" Method.

In 2014, he and former O.P.I.N. investigator Nick Smith decided to rebuild the group from scratch. They decided to break the mold of investigation groups and instead of "hunting" ghosts between client cases they opted to take on a completely new investigation methodology using the "E4" Method to help clients. They also decided to take on all three anomalous fields as well. Learn more about us, our beliefs, and our methods at the links above.

How can we help you?

Ohio Anomalous Research investigates claims of ghosts, cryptozoological, and UFO sightings. OAR TeamOur ghost investigation methodology focuses on the client and their connection to the activity. We are actually not really searching for ghosts or even evidence of ghosts. Our goal with ghost research is to assist the client through the process of determining a potential logical solution or attempting to discover the link between them and their experience in the environment. We utilize a method named the "E4" Method which ignores the popular method of pushing the client out of the way in favor of using equipment to find "evidence" of ghosts at every turn. There is no piece of equipment that can measure or determine a ghost is present. The "E4" Method uses the client and their experience to help determine a potential environmental trigger in an effort to produce repeatable experiments. During this process the client will become more empowered over their situation and we will help them to either ease or cease the situation if necessary.

Cryptozoological cases are handled with an on site interview as well as property investigation if the sighting is current. UFO sightings are handled by using documentation created by the Mutual UFO Network with a basic investigation and the case files will be turned over to MUFON for further review and potential follow up investigation by them if the client wishes to do so. We offer a quicker and less bias means to investigating a UFO sighting claim. We also investigate non-client versions of all three anomalous topics and are constantly searching for new areas to document these activities.